RECCI Bedding

About Us

Here at Recci, you can find everything you need to get a good night sleep. We design products for your home, the products that both comfortable and affordable, just as it should be......

Reasonable Price

Recci believe everyone deserves a good rest, everyone need to sleep and everyone can benefit from a good night sleep. It’s one of those things that never should be a luxury and reserve for just few privilege people. We always make sure our products are offered in a reasonable price, not too high so you pay a lot to sales gimmick, not too low that we’re unable to maintain the quality of our products.


Elegant Design

Products come in a fair price should also look fair too. Our in-home designer team make sure every Recci product is effective in structure and elegant in appearance.



Comfort always come first in our products, every material we used, every layer of construction, we have your comfort in mind.



We never afraid to embrace new ideas at Recci, next generation material, cutting-edge technology, latest production method, we’re thrilled to get to know them all. We integrate them with our company values, and find the right ones to make our products.


Ideal for Home

From the beginning, Recci is determined to make products for every family of the world, to make each home even comfier and this has never changed since. We reject all the extravagant and excessive structure and design and only keep things that can really make a difference offering you the long lasting comfort rather a moment of pleasure.


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