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Unraveling the mystery of Red Respira® Foam

Unraveling the mystery of Red Respira® Foam

We all know that the key component separating RECCI mattress from other mattresses on the market is the unique and innovative Red Respira® foam. But what's so special about the Red Respira® foam and why we choose it over the original memory foam and latex foam? Today, we will reveal all of mysteries and secrets of Red Respira® foam to you.

In 1960s NASA not only landed man to the moon but also brought comfort to people on earth. Memory foam was first developed to improve the safety of aircraft cushions of NASA, but later on it was most celebrated by its body contouring & pressure reliving property, it was soon introduced to mattress industry and became the most popular mattress material till today. Nothing beats the high-quality memory foam when it comes to pressure relief, since we spend 6-12 hours laying on our bed everyday, it’s vital that our body pressure can get evenly distributed. But memory foam is not flawless, it’s prone to retain body-heat and its slow rebound property can be too much for some people and make rolling over in bed a nightmare to them.

So what else? Latex foam was actually introduced to the mattress world much earlier than memory foam, it is said that the first latex foam mattress was produced 1929, almost a century ago. The latex foam reacts to pressure more promptly and it usually has longer lifespan than memory foam. On top of that, 100% natural latex is harvested from rubber trees so latex foam normally is less chemical processed than memory foam. What’s the drawbacks? First the price of a natural latex mattress is off the chart, and you’re not even buying a mattress fully made of natural latex, more often than not, only the top 2 to 4 inches are made of 100% natural latex foam, the rest of it is synthetic latex foam or just plain foam. Plus the latex foam is usually more firmer and less contouring than memory foam, so in terms of pressure relieving, latex foam don’t have much advantage. Also although latex foam is more natural, there are still people who are born with latex allergy, so it’s important for them to steer away from any latex products.

Is there a way to harvest the benefits of memory foam and latex foam? Our product team was obsessed with the idea and we finally find the solution: the Red Respira® foam. The Red Respira® foam is a new age foam which combine the pressure relieving function of memory foam and proactive resiliency of latex foam, which means the same contouring and pressure relieving feeling as the memory foam, and more responsive easy-to-move property like latex foam. The unique foam structure allow it be more breathable than normal foam, so say farewell to sweating nights and start sleep cool & free. All types of sleepers can get comfort on Red Respira® foam, but we strongly recommend those active sleepers who change sleep positions frequently to give it a try, you and your partner will never notice any tossing and turning at night. Get RECCI 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress right now and start your 100-Night Risk Free Trial.


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