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How to find the perfect pillow height for you?

How to find the perfect pillow height for you?

A pillow could be a cradle of your dreams or a source of your nightmare. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can caused you a twisted neck, chronic headache, even physical pain throughout the whole body.

But how can I find the right pillow for me? There are two key factors you must pay attention to, the height/thickness and the softness/firmness level. While the soft or firm level is more subjective, the height/thickness level of pillow mainly depends on your primary sleep position.

Side Sleeper need a pillow roughly the same height of their shoulder, that the principal rule. Yet the softness of their bed should also take into consideration, for a soft bed, you may need a pillow that's lower than your shoulder height so even part of your shoulder sink into the mattress, you can still maintain the proper spinal alignment; for a firm bed you will likely need a pillow the same height of your shoulder.

Back Sleeper need a pillow slightly lifting their head to maintain a clear airway as well as keep a natural spine alignment. That is to say, your pillow shouldn't be too soft that your head is tilting backward, or too hard that your neck can't get any cradle.

Stomach Sleeper need a thin and flat pillow to stop them have a sore and twisted neck. Considering your face is mostly against the pillow, it's crucial to select a pillow that's hypoallergenic and easy to clear on regular basis.

Combination Sleeper need a pillow that's shapeable, be able to shift and fit into any sleep position. Or a pillow combines the lower loft and higher loft on the same side, so when sleep in back/stomach, they can use the lower loft, when sleep on side, they can use the higher loft.

Still struggling to find the right pillow? Why not try RECCI Breeze Fiber Adjustable Pillow? The micro Breeze Fiber allow this pillow to be soft yet supportive and you can adjust it to your ideal height by simply adding/removing the fill. It's also come with a 30-Night Satisfaction Guarantee, you can try it at your own bed, no risk, no regret!